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Offering best quality metal powder since 1995.

Supplying to places worldwide.

Our Products

Zinc Powder

Zinc powder is an ideal choice for various industrial applications in market. It is widely used in different types of industrial sectors and its demand in the market is the proof that it is heavily required by many industries.

Lead Powder

Lead is one of the Heaviest Metal with low cost. So it is being used widely in various applications. Lead Powder manufactured by Metrochem is of top quality.

Copper Powder

TheCopper Powdercomes in different variations depending upon the need of the industries. The variants of copper powder are produced by different production method, its particle size, apparent density, flow rate, purity, and particle shape.

Antimony Powder

Antimony Powder is perfect to manufacture blends and is a good hardening agent especially for lead. When Antimony powder is used in its purest form then it is suitable for semiconductor technology.

Solder Alloy Powder

Metrochem is pioneer in manufacturing solder alloy powders in INDIA & provided an IMPORT SUBSTITUTE to various solder paste manufacturing companies in INDIA.

Bismuth Powder

Metrochem is the largest manufacturer of Bismuth Powder in INDIA. The specification of Bismuth powder is customized as per application & customer requirement.

Tin Powder

High Quality of Tin Powder having 99.8% purity or above is best for all type of industrial applications. The physical & chemical properties of Tin powder make it an ideal choice for electronics industries.

Alluminium Powder

Aluminum powder is much in demand in the industries as no other option is available which has such an amazing performance. The powder of aluminum is widely used in the fireworks industries and in those industries which deals in explosion.

Why Choose Metrochem

It Is Our Policies And Ethical Code Of Conduct That Makes Us Unique.​

Years of Experience

Since 1995, we have the proficient team and equipped infrastructure that makes it possible to delivery with quality. We have been working with 100% customer satisfaction.

Corporate Sustainability

For us what matters is working with a approach to create a long term value by implementing the strategies that focus on social, ethical, cultural, economic and environmental, dimensions of business.

Technical Expertise

The team of Metrochem is experience and committed to offer the best to the customers. We ensure the correctness and accuracy by ensuring that you get what we say.

We Have Best Solutions You Need

Metrochem Metal Powders Pvt. Ltd. emphasizes on innovation that will develop the future with new products for industries. Agricultural Pesticides | Active Pharma Intermediate | Automotive Components | Syntered Parts | Radiation Protection.