Antimony Powder


Antimony Powder is perfect to manufacture blends and is a good hardening agent especially for lead. When Antimony powder is used in its purest form then it is suitable for semiconductor technology.

It is a replacement to Lead for making Lead free Radiation Protection clothing.

Metrochem is the Largent manufacturer of Antimony Powder in INDIA. The specification of antimony powder is customized as per application & customer requirement.The Main Application Areas are:

  • X Ray Radiation Protection clothing or fabric manufacturing
  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Carbon Brush Manufacturing
  • Friction components manufacturing for automotive industry
  • Solder paste manufacturing

The company is expanding its business in countries like United States, Italy, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Hungary, and United Kingdom. France, Bangladesh etc.   We are considered as best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Antimony Powder from India because of our top quality services and providing international quality Antimony powder in an affordable price.