About Metrochem

Metrochem in 1995An insight of Metrochem Metal Powders Pvt. Ltd. – The leading metal powder producer and exporter with proven industry expertise.

Established in 1995, MetroCHEM is a technology based company dedicated to the development and production of high-performance non ferrous metal powders for various applications and industries.

It is situated in a small town, Deoli (District Tonk) Rajasthan. It is 160 kms south of Jaipur. The plant has all modern manufacturing facilities.

We started with manufacturing of copper powder and gradually expanded our product range to several grades of metal powders with different specifications to customers’ requirements. We work closely with customers to assess needs and create workable responses, tailored exactly to meet their objectives.

Other factors of success include a solid R&D background, the ability to effectively industrialize new processes, the vast applications know-how built up over the years, and, above all, the commitment.

Privately held, MetroCHEM is totally independent from any financial or industrial group.

The brand presence and market knowledge that we have is certainly helpful in getting the metal powder products of superior quality with vital client relationships. So enjoy premium quality products from the global leaders.

Metrochem ProductsWe manufacture extensive range of Standard & Specially formulated Non-Ferrous METAL POWDERS to the Exact Customers specifications even on short period.

The company uses various technologies like Atomization and Chemical reduction for the production of different grades of powders according to their applications. These powder specifications like particle shape, size, density, can be adjusted according to the clients’ requirements.

Screening and blending equipment ensure particle size and distribution to meet all order specifications. Various atomization mediums are used in order to ensure required particle shape and minimal surface oxidation.

We maintain high Quality standards so as to provide the best end product. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

The Manufacturing capacity of our company is 4500 MT per annum of metal powders. The company is exporting metal powders to various countries.The company is known for its consistency and timely deliveries.

Values - MetrochemOur Core Values

  • Customer Delight 
  • Employee Empowerment, Uncompromising commitment to Quality and Performance Excellence
  • Metal Replacement
  • Carbon bushes & brushes
  • Automotive components
  • Printing inks
  • Brazing
  • Solder applications
  • Chemical applications
  • Constant innovation