Solder Alloy Powder


Solder Alloy Powder is the main element used in the manufacturing of different types of solder pastes.

Metrochem is pioneer in manufacturing solder alloy powders in INDIA & provided an IMPORT SUBSTITUTE to various solder paste manufacturing companies in INDIA.

The Powder of Solder Alloy comes in different Types with different alloy compositions& particle size so that requirement of all industrial applications can be easily meet. All types of grades have different particle size which further differs in rheological or physical properties that affects results of screen and stencil printing.

The mainly manufacture alloys Powders of:

  • Sn-Pb alloy
  • Sn-Pb-Sb Alloy
  • Sn-pb-Cu Alloy
  • Sn-Pb-Ag Alloy

We develop custom alloy powder as per customers’ Requirements.

Metrochem is a reputed name in the market for providing fine quality Solder Alloy powder which has superior quality. We cover entire India and gets bulk order from all the corners of the India for Solder Alloy Powder. There is no other option available in the market which can fulfill the requirement of Solder Alloy Powder in all industrial applications. The packaging of solder Powder is done in such a way that it remains protected against contaminants and varied weather conditions. The demand of Solder Powder is been increasing tremendously. The main key factors which play an important role in increasing its demand are easily availability, economical price, come in different grades and customized specifications. The company is known for its dedicated services and has carved a niche as a renowned suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of Solder Alloy from India.