Aluminum Powder


Aluminum powder is much in demand in the industries as no other option is available which has such an amazing performance. The powder of aluminum is widely used in the fireworks industries and in those industries which deals in explosion to create strong explosion with the use of white light. Apart from this it is resistant to corrosion and protects different items from getting being corroded. Its high durability is the proof that international quality is adopted by Metrochem. Aluminum powder comes in different grades and one can avail any type of grade & specification according to his requirement.

Aluminum powder manufactured by Metrochem is of top quality. Our company is very popular in the field of Aluminum manufacturing as we provide customizes specifications also. We produce quality Aluminum powder according to client’s requirements and specifications in a short span of time. Pure aluminum is used in the manufacturing process with modern equipments. We make it sure that our buyers should be satisfied with our services. The pure aluminum powder with high purity is available at a very affordable price. The company is expanding its business by crossing the boundary of India and is taking steps to increase clients in countries like Australia, Ireland, Malta, England, Latvia, Netherland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Nepal, Norway, Luxemburg and many more. The affordable price of Aluminum powder and timely availability are the key factors which has made it very popular and enhanced the demand.  We are considered as one of the reputed Aluminum Powder Supplier, Exporters & Manufacturers in India.